Carlo Colombo was born in 1872 in San Giorgio su Legnano, a small village in the surrounding area of Milan. He was orphaned by his father very early, at the age of 12 he began working as an apprentice in the foundry of Andrea Pensotti to contribute to the limited household finances.

Endowed with great determination, in just a few years he became a highly skilled worker. In 1908, Carlo went into business for himself, opening a small iron castings foundry in San Giorgio su Legnano.
His business achieved rapid success, offering quality products to growing factories being established in the north of Milano city.
In the 1920s, the foundry Carlo Colombo S.P.A. expanded and modernized its operations, employing more than 300 workers.

In 1938, Carlo’s son, Giuseppe, followed in his father’s footsteps and opened  a small foundry of his own in San Giorgio su Legnano.
In the 1950s, this foundry continued to develop and specialize in the production of high quality iron castings, which further built the company’s reputation.

In the 1960s, Giuseppe’s son, Eugenio Colombo, joined the company and began developing the production of iron castings in highly wear- resistant alloys.

Since 2007, Eugenio’s son, Giuseppe Colombo, has been leading the company with the same purpose  to produce and supply high quality iron castings, built for performance.

operaiFonderiaColomboGiuseppe Colombo with his workers in the 1950’s