Four generations of founders testify to the enduring success, quality and reliability of our foundry operations.
It began in 1908, when our founder, Carlo Colombo, started his first foundry in a site which was  not so far away from the present one.
In 1938, the Colombo Foundry moved to our current location in San Giorgio su Legnano.
We are among the first Italian private foundries to have introduced the use of ductile iron in the production of our castings.
Since the '50, passing through the use of high chromium alloys and high alloyed Ni-Cr castings, quality has been our cornerstone, and quality continues to guide us in  discovering  and developing  high-performance cast alloys to satisfy a range of demanding applications.

Since 1995, we have achieved and maintained the following certificates:

Quality Management System in accordance with:

P.E.D. 97/23/EC Annex I, Section 4.3
AD 2000 MERKBLATT  W0 / TRD 100

Certificate TÜV SÜD N°DGR-0036-QS-W 90/2003/MUC

Product certificate for  Castings in Grey and Spheroidal Graphite Iron in accordance with:


Certificate n° MD00/0503/0005/5

 Environmental Management System in accordance with:

 UNI EN ISO 9001
Certificate IGQ  9510

 UNI EN ISO 14001
Certificate IGQ A2L01