Our state-of-the-art chemical-metallurgical laboratory is equipped with modern instruments for chemical analysis and non-destructive mechanical tests.

Our Level 2 personnel have been trained according to standards ASNT-TC-1A and UNI-EN 473.

Our laboratory is equipped with the following instruments:

  • Leco CS-125 used to calculate carbon and sulfur
  • Full computerized  spectometer “OBLF GS1000″
  • Microscopes for metallograph and microhardness tests on matrixes
  • Instruments for mechanical tests
  • Instruments for ultrasonic analyses
  • Fixed and portable instruments for magnaflux controls


SOLIDCast ® Software

In our steady research to improve production, the SOLIDCast software gives us a precise simulation of the casting solidification process.
Reviewing the settings of all necessary process parameters for each kind of alloy and product  structure helps us observe, in advance, the critical points during solidification, and choose the most appropriate feeding and pouring systems to obtain a safe iron casting.

Archimage ® Software

This software allows us to capture, store and print micrographies of castings, along with release certificates on customer request.