Research has always been at the center of our activities.  It is the spirit that has motivated us from the very beginning.
For this reason, a small melting lab composed of specially-made induction furnaces has been employed for years allowing us to carry out laboratory tests with innovative alloys which are resistant to wear, heat and corrosion.

forno copia

As a result, a new range of products has been developed which guarantee the customer a good trade-off between wear resistance and value for the money. These alloys are an advantage for Italian concrete mixer and similar plants producers who will be able to compete with a high quality product at low cost.

We have achieved great success with the alloy we call Colchrome Standard, a low-alloyed white cast iron with Brinell hardness of 480 : 520 HB, which has been widely requested in the concrete mixing field, finding an excellent use in liner plates of the mixers as an alternative to Hardox 500 laminates.