The uncompromising pursuit of quality and attention to detail are assets that set our iron castings apart. We take pride in underlining that our castings are made in compliance with the Uni En Iso 9001, TÜV and Lloyds’ Register standards.


Quality check and final testing of our castings are both carried out within the company: this   allows us a less desultory and more efficient management, therefore we are able to provide our customers  with a guaranteed effective service.

In the production phase, in order to control our cast irons and alloys, we use cutting edge  machinery like Leco CS-125 to determine Carbon and Sulfur, our computerized spectrometer, microscopes for metallographic analysis and microhardness tests on matrixes, digital equipment  for mechanical tests, modern equipment for ultrasonic analyses and machines for magnaflux controls.

quality control Fonderia Colombo Giuseppe

In the post-production phase, in accordance  to our customer’s requests, we begin our final testings: our qualified  technicians perform mechanical, micrographic, magnetoscopic, dye penetrants , dimensional and marking controls on the supplied iron castings.
At the end of our final inspections, we provide certificates that guarantee the compliance of the iron castings  we produce, in accordance with standards and the customers’ requests.

final testings Fonderia Colombo Giuseppe

For many years we have been supplying Loesche,  a global market leader in vertical roller mill technology for the cement industry since 1906, with our wear-resistant castings.

We’ve asked Mr. Frank Marx,  Quality Assurance Manager of Loesche for an opinion on our service.

Mr. Frank Marx,  you represent the Quality Assurance Manager of Loesche, a company leader in vertical roller mill technology of the cement industry.

  • How long has Loesche been working with Fonderia Colombo Giuseppe ?
    We have been working together for 7 years. We started our partnership in 2012.
  • Which types of iron castings does Fonderia Colombo Giuseppe provide Loesche with?
    Fonderia Colombo Giuseppe supplies us with grinding tires and plates in Ni-hard IV and Chrome alloys  for vertical grinding mills, reaching a weight up to 13 tons. These wear resistant iron castings are devoted both to new projects on vertical grinding mills and for spare components on already consolidated plants.
  • Are you satisfied with the quality check and final testings carried out by Fonderia Colombo Giuseppe ?
    The quality of the materials is exceedingly high and final testings, in agreement with international standards,  are more than satisfying.
  • What do you think about the dedicated department inside Fonderia Colombo Giuseppe that deals with quality check  and  final testings?
    I think it guarantees a very efficient service.  Having a close relationship and direct correspondence with the same known group of people is an additional benefit together with the fact that final inspections on the iron castings are carried out inside the foundry.
    Our partnership has develop into a relationship of trust that has been cementing over time.